Giving Back

Giving Back, by Gillian Davison

When founding Aerska, I always knew that I wanted the brand to give something back and that this would become an integral part of our principles and values.

As an avid traveller, I’m always saddened to see that whatever city I’m visiting, homelessness is ever present.

In fact, the last time a global survey was attempted (by the United Nations in 2005), an estimated 100 million people were homeless worldwide. 

Having a home isn’t just about having a roof over your head; it’s a place where someone can feel secure, providing a sense of belonging and increased feelings of self-esteem.

There are many reasons why a person becomes homeless, with the impacts far-reaching and difficult to escape.  It can result in isolation, poverty, poor health and have an adverse effect on education.

Like most people, I believe everyone has the right to a permanent roof over their head which is decent, safe and secure. When you purchase from Aerska, we will donate a percentage of the profit from every pair to our chosen homelessness charity, tackling homelessness on the ground and helping to rebuild lives.

If you would like to find out more, we’ll be happy to tell you about our plans.