The Aerska Story, by Gillian Davison

I’ve always had itchy feet. I’m also a bit of a dreamer. I remember being little and deciding to run away and explore the world. I got as far as the woods across from my house, spent an hour paddling in the river and wandering aimlessly until my mum called me for dinner. I headed home. I’m not one to skip meals.

After university, I moved from my quiet Scottish town to Tokyo, seeking adventure. Since then that craving for travel which the Germans call Fernweh, hit me hard. I’ve spent time living in Sydney, London and Copenhagen and that love for travel continues to grow.

Cities are my thing. Waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the pavements and explore unfamiliar streets is the best feeling in the world. I prefer to do it with a coffee in hand (total addict) and will also travel far for a good breakfast spot; they do say that nothing helps scenery like bacon and eggs.

During my city exploring I’ve always felt there was one thing missing; the perfect pair of shoes to do it all in. And believe me, I’ve tried them all. Sneakers seemed too casual and wouldn’t see me through to the evening, ballet pumps tore my poor feet up and sandals provided limited support.

After some thought, I decided instead of constantly seeking that perfect pair, I would just design my own. And Aerska was born.

I set about creating sneakers which are both chic and functional, taking you from day to night with ease.  Made with the softest Italian leather and handmade in Portugal, their beautifully luxurious and deconstructed style makes them the new packing essentials for your weekend city break or extended escape.

It’s said that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer; doing it in your Aerskas will free you to go further. That’s how I like to think about it, anyway.

City Inspired

If like me, you’re constantly dreaming of your next city break or weekend getaway, these gorgeous sneakers will help you explore in style.  Perfect for sightseeing during the day and equally as chic when the sun goes down, they’ll fast become your new packing essential.

Giving Back

We’re committed to doing good and with each pair of sneakers bought, we donate a percentage of the profit to our chosen homeless charity, helping to tackle homelessness on the ground and rebuild lives.

Conscious Manufacturing

All of our materials are ethically sourced and we work closely with our manufacturing partners to ensure our collection is socially responsible.  Our aim is to create beautiful, premium sneakers with the best possible materials, inspiring you to explore further.